Empower Your Music Distribution Business

Elevate your brand with BDM’s White Label Service. Expand effortlessly, leveraging our comprehensive infrastructure and expertise.

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Choose BDM – Where Music and Innovation Meet

Working with BDM provides access to expertise, customization, scalability, branding, flexibility, and a collaborative partnership approach, which can help you grow your business and achieve your goals

  • Seamless Integration
  • Tailored Solutions
  • Expert Support
  • User-Friendly Platform
  • Global Reach
  • Cost-Effective

Effortless Setup, Rapid Results

Experience the simplicity of launching your music distribution service with BDM. Our streamlined process ensures you're up and running in no time, with minimal hassle and maximum efficiency. Discover how BDM makes it easy to expand your business and reach a global audience, all with just a few simple steps

Consult & Collaborate

Tailor our services to fit your goals

Integrate Your Domain

Quick link-up, flawless brand alignment

Customize Your Brand

Personalize for your brand’s identity.

Launch & Expand

Go live and watch your business grow.

Meet our platform

Discover the power and elegance of BDM's distribution dashboard. Designed for efficiency and loaded with features, our platform simplifies your music distribution process, giving you control and insight like never before. From real-time analytics to effortless content management, everything you need is at your fingertips.

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Complete Music Distribution Suite

Empower your distribution business with BDM's all-in-one platform. Meticulously designed to handle all aspects of digital music distribution, our robust suite simplifies your workflow, consolidates your tools, and delivers unparalleled control over your entire catalog. With BDM, you're equipped to publish, manage, and analyze your music efficiently, all from one centralized hub

Master Your Metrics

Unlock the full potential of data with BDM's advanced analytics dashboard. Dive into the details with our robust filtering options, allowing you to dissect and analyze metrics by individual client, specific label, or even down to each release name. Visualize your success through interactive charts and graphs that display streaming numbers, geographic distribution, and revenue trends. Our comprehensive analytics tools are designed to help you make strategic decisions based on real-time data, optimize your releases, and maximize profitability for every track in your portfolio

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Real-Time Support with Live Chat

Enhance your support capabilities with BDM's innovative live chat feature. This powerful tool serves a dual purpose - it connects you directly with our expert team for any assistance you need, and it also enables you to offer real-time support to your own clients. Whether it's a query about platform features, distribution strategies, or technical support, our live chat ensures you and your clients have access to immediate, professional help. This two-way communication channel is designed to streamline your operations, enhance client relationships, and ensure a smooth music distribution experience for everyone involved

Streamlined Collaboration with Real-Time Task Manager

Optimize your workflow with BDM's Real-Time Task Manager, a dynamic tool designed for seamless collaboration and organization. This feature allows our BDM team to assign tasks directly to distributors, enabling clear communication and efficient task management. Distributors can also utilize this tool to delegate tasks to their clients or manage their team's to-do list, ensuring everyone is aligned and up-to-date. Whether it’s updating catalogs, managing releases, or coordinating marketing efforts, the Real-Time Task Manager keeps your operations smooth and synchronized. Experience the power of enhanced visibility and control, as every member of your