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Launch your music journey with our streamlined platform, reaching listeners in over 220 digital stores around the globe. With user-friendly tools for tracking your progress and managing royalties, you're set for success. Come aboard and make your mark in the world of music distribution

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Frequently Asked

Digital music distribution is the key to unlocking a global audience for artists and record labels. This service enables the seamless availability of your music across a multitude of streaming platforms and digital music stores. It’s a crucial step in ensuring that your music gains the exposure it deserves, tapping into diverse markets and maximizing potential revenue. By leveraging digital distribution, you’re not just releasing music; you’re expanding your reach to listeners worldwide.

To begin distributing your music through BDM Network, start by applying for a distribution deal. Upon approval, we’ll set up your account, paving the way for you to upload your tracks. It’s essential that your uploads adhere to our specific format and quality standards. After your music is uploaded, the next step is to add important details like metadata and cover art. This information is crucial in presenting your music to the world. Once you’ve finalized your submission, our team takes over. We conduct a thorough review of your tracks, ensuring they meet standards for quality and compliance. After this review, your music is all set for distribution across our extensive network of digital platforms.

Your music is poised for global exposure as we distribute it across a wide array of platforms, including top streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Pandora, as well as numerous digital music stores worldwide. To see the current full roster of platforms, please visit this link. Moreover, we are continuously expanding our network, so you can expect this list to grow even more in the future. This ongoing expansion ensures that your music’s reach will continuously increase, connecting you with an ever-widening audience.

We ensure a fast delivery of your release to stores, typically within 48 hours. It’s important to understand that ‘delivered to store’ signifies the start of the process and not the immediate appearance of your release on streaming platforms. Each store has its unique processing time—some may make your release available within a few hours, while others might take several days. While this processing time is beyond our control, we usually see releases going live on most platforms within 2 to 3 working days. Rest assured, we do everything possible to expedite this process, ensuring your music reaches your audience promptly.

As an artist, you earn royalties every time your music is streamed or purchased online. Here’s how it works: Different streaming platforms and digital stores have their own rates for calculating these royalties. We collect these earnings on your behalf and distribute them to you on a monthly basis. It’s important to note that there’s typically a three-month waiting period after your music’s initial release. This delay allows platforms to ensure all streams and sales are legitimate and not artificially inflated. After this period, you’ll receive regular monthly reports and payments. Regarding our part in this process: BDM Network applies a 20% fee to the collected royalties for our distribution services. This means you receive 80% of the total earnings. We believe in transparency and fairness, so we provide detailed statements that break down your earnings, helping you understand exactly how much you’re making from your music.

Our platform streamlines the royalty distribution for collaborative projects, making it seamless and transparent. During the release upload process, you can effortlessly allocate royalty percentages to each collaborator directly within the ‘Artist(s)’ section of the form. This way, every contributor’s share is clearly defined from the outset. Additionally, our intuitive dashboard displays a comprehensive breakdown of total income for each artist, accrued from all their collaborations. This feature simplifies the process of tracking and distributing earnings among collaborators, ensuring everyone involved receives their fair share with ease and precision.

There’s no upfront cost for distributing your music with us. Everything is included in our revenue-sharing model, where we retain a 20% commission on the royalties earned. This means you can upload and distribute your music without any limits or initial fees.

We offer comprehensive customer support through email and live chat. Our support team is available during business hours, and we aim to respond to all queries within 24 hours

Absolutely, our platform is equipped with advanced analytics tools designed to empower artists with deep insights. These tools enable you to meticulously track streams, downloads, and revenue, along with detailed geographic data of your listeners. This rich, in-depth analysis helps you gain a clearer understanding of your audience, their preferences, and listening habits. By leveraging this data, you can make informed decisions about future releases, marketing strategies, and even tour planning, ensuring you connect with your fans more effectively.

Indeed, our platform accommodates the release of music under various artist or band names. We understand the importance of distinct identities in the music industry, which is why we provide specialized dashboards for both independent artists and labels. This approach allows for streamlined and organized management of your diverse projects or artist personas. Whether you’re a solo artist juggling multiple projects or a label handling several artists, our system is designed to keep your releases well-organized and easily manageable.

You maintain complete ownership and control over your music when you partner with us. Our sole function is to serve as a conduit for distribution, ensuring your music reaches a wide audience on various digital platforms. You retain all rights to your creative works, giving you the freedom to dictate where and how your music is distributed. This empowerment means you can make decisions that best align with your artistic vision and career goals, while we handle the logistics of getting your music out there.

At BDM Network, our expertise is centered exclusively on digital music distribution. We specialize in maximizing your music’s reach across various online streaming services and digital stores. For artists interested in venturing into physical formats like CDs or vinyl, we encourage you to collaborate with a dedicated physical distributor to meet those specific needs. Meanwhile, you can rely on us to expertly handle all aspects of your digital distribution, ensuring your music is accessible to a global online audience.

What sets us apart is our technical expertise. As a software company, we’ve built our online infrastructure using the best practices from the web development world, ensuring a robust, user-friendly, and efficient platform for our clients.

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