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Nestled in the heart of Ireland, BDM Network is more than a digital music distributor and publisher. We are a team of passionate music lovers, technology enthusiasts, and coding aficionados. Established in 2020, our foundation is built on a deep love for music and a keen expertise in cutting-edge technology, ensuring we offer a unique, artist-focused approach in a complex music industry.

Our team is a dynamic mix of professional expertise and personal passion for music and technology. We're dedicated to empowering independent artists and labels, helping them navigate their musical journey and reach new heights. By combining our love for music with our technological prowess, we provide innovative solutions to distribute your music globally, boosting your brand and audience reach.

We stand out through our commitment to outstanding customer service, where your success is our top priority. At BDM Network, profit isn't our driver; it's the success of our artists and their music. When you partner with us, you're joining a team that's as invested in coding and technology as we are in music, ensuring you have the most advanced, user-friendly tools at your disposal to realize your musical aspirations.

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Our mission

Our mission is to revolutionize the music distribution experience for independent artists and labels. We aim to bridge the gap between the traditional music industry and the rapidly evolving digital realm. Our goal is to provide a platform where artists are not just heard but are given the tools to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

We are committed to leveraging our passion for music, technology, and innovation to create opportunities for artists to reach a global audience. Our focus is on empowering artists with the most advanced, intuitive tools and services, ensuring they can navigate the digital landscape with ease and confidence.

By fostering a community where creativity and technology converge, we strive to be more than a distribution service; we aim to be a catalyst for artistic growth and success. Whether it's providing insights into audience engagement, streamlining the distribution process, or offering unparalleled customer support, our mission is to ensure that every artist and label that partners with us achieves their fullest potential in the digital music market.


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I love it, excellent distribution, reliable and fast. Amazing dashboard interface and friendly environment!
Perfect service! Recommending it!



Magnet Music Records

After 1 year of collaboration with BDM Network, I want to recommend this site to everyone who needs digital distribution for their own music. They have a very good support team and they are always there when you need help or you have some questions about.



IDL Production

Very helpful and professional
I recommend this company to everyone



MK Records

Hopefully, work with your network long-term!
Thanks & Best Regards,
Tran Mai Anh

Tran Mai Anh

Tran Mai Anh

Deep Zone Music Corp

Very cool service! The Uploading time is very short and good!

Thanks for all🙏



Hardnstrange LLC

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