Distribution Application

Distribution Application

Distribution Application


Thank you for your interest in BDM Network.

Please fill out the application form. Incomplete applications with missing or misleading information will not be considered for distribution. 

This form is broken into 5 section

Section 1: About you 

Section 2: About an artist or label

Section 3: About your music

Section 4: Technical question

Section 5: How did you hear about us


Please keep in mind that we do not accept every application, and we only reply to those who meet the requirements.


Part 1: About you

In this section, we will ask you some basic questions about yourself. Please use the correct information because we will use them for the contract


Part 2: Your Music

In this section, we will ask you questions about your music



Part 3: Technical questions

In this section, we will ask you some technical questions

but don't worry, it's not too complicated.